What You Need To Know About The LGBTQ Rights

What is LGBTQ

LGBTQ are the initials of a worldwide community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Queer(anyone who isn’t yet sure about their sexual orientation) and LGBTQ rights are the rights that impinge on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population of the country. There are still many countries remaining to legalize and formally accept the LGBTQ culture let alone their rights. Different variations of the LGBTQ acronym are present. It acts as an umbrella for all choices regarding sexuality and gender identity crisis.

LGBTQ Rights

Worldwide acceptance

Depending on the country and its governing body, there are extreme differences in the LGBTQ rights among countries.  When in one country, same sex marriages are being legalized on contrary to that in some other countries death penalty is the highest form of punishment for such matters.  The entire ideology behind this community’s being is to enforce equal rights for the LGBTQ people and ensure no one is bullied or denied or discriminated because of his or her sexual orientation.  It definitely was a long and tedious struggle to get where we are today in this case. The Danish were the first to grant legal union of same sex people through marriage followed by 28 other countries as of 2018 in which America, Australia, most of Europe, India etc are prominent ones. The LGBTQ community started off as a minority community without any acceptance at all because the entire concept is hard to fathom in the societal point of view. But with years of trauma and hidden battles fought, we have reached here today where any human is accepted unbiased of his/her sexual orientation.

As a form of tribute and respect to all the LGBTQ people, every year the month of June is celebrated as the pride month in America.

Every year, 11thOctober known as the National Coming-Out day is dedicated to raise awareness of the civil rights for the LGBT community and celebrated worldwide. This day will help create an environment where people can live openly and honestly without hiding from the society.

The rainbow coloured flag with the 6 shades is the national LGBT flag.


Scope of LGBTQ rights

There are varied laws covering different regions of the world when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Therefore the global scope of LGBTQ rights are concerning with the following:

  • The rights concerning the realization and acceptance of same sex marriage, same sex relationships, civil unions etc.
  • Right to LGBT parenting where it covers adoption by LGBT couples.
  • Right to anti-discrimination in employment, housing, education and public accommodation.
  • Right to LGBT accepted military service.
  • Age of consent law has a slightly higher bar than the normal one in the case of LGBT.
  • Sodomy laws disciplining consensual same sex sexual activity.
  • Anti bully legislation to safeguard children in schools.
  • Hate crime laws for eradicating any sort of violent activity towards the LGBT community.
  • Laws implementing the legal recognition and reassignment of gender.

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