What are LGBT colors?

Are you planning to create an LGBT wallpaper for a pro-homosexuality and tolerance event? You’ve been looking at the colored flag all your life, but you have no idea what its origin is?

We’ll tell you all about it!

History of the LGBT flag

The rainbow flag has been installed in our society for more than 40 years, but there are still many young people who do not know the true origin of the flag or the reason for its colors.

The first time this flag was used as a symbol of gay pride was in 1978, when Gilbert Baker, a gay artist, and civil rights activist, created it with the help of the Grove Street gay community in San Francisco, as a protest to homophobic acts carried out by an anti-gay organization using the pink triangle that the Nazis used to signal homosexual men.

The first flag was made entirely by hand, stitched and dyed by gay activists, and the eight-color flag began to circulate through all the acts that this community performed.

Such was its success that in 1979 it officially became the symbol of gay pride and began to be hung by the windows of houses, cars, T-shirts, pamphlets, and all over the country where the community was still growing and being heard.

Meaning of the colors of the flag

The rainbow flag always draws attention to where it goes by its beautiful colors, but you know exactly what they mean?


The color red is associated with life, and the freedom to choose how to live it.


The color orange means healing. This bright and positive color is very important for this community, as, for years, they were persecuted by radical groups that end their lives or put in jail to torture them.


Yellow symbolizes the sunlight. It represents hope and the good side of things.


Green, like many other flags, symbolizes nature.


The blue was introduced when the flag changed from eight colors to six, representing serenity and calm.


Purple is the last color of all; it is the last stripe at the bottom of the flag and represents the spirit. For this community, this color is the most important because it represents the freedom of the soul to be and to love who freely, regardless of sex or race.

Now you know a little more about this beautiful flag full of symbolism and history. When you set out to create your LGBT wallpaper, remember the meaning of all these colors and their importance, and the result will be just as beautiful!

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