How to Pack Light for Your Weekend Beach Getaway

When you’re planning for a weekend getaway with your family and friends, things can get really exciting and you just can’t help but look forward to that special day. If you happen to set a weekend to go to the beach and spend a night or two there, especially if you’re driving to the location, you need to pack light. After all, you don’t want your car to be overloaded with things you don’t really need. It’s a lot more fun if you can squeeze in your entire group in one SUV so you can enjoy the road trip together rather than driving a few cars just so you can pack heavy.

Whatever your plans are and whether packing light is a must or not, here are tips that might just help you out while you are still packing and planning:

1. Write down a checklist.

A checklist is a must. Though you may have all the things you need in your mind, there’s always a chance you’ll forget something. It is best for you to write things down on paper and cross-check each one. This is also your chance to decide whether packing two pairs of slippers is too much when you’re already wearing a pair on your way there anyway.

2. Wear what you can.

Ray-Ban Vagabond Cat Eye SunglassesIf it will just be a couple of hours’ drive, perhaps you can already wear your swimsuit under your clothes. This way, it won’t take up space in your bag anymore and you can just pack another swimsuit that you can use for the next day. Wear your sunglasses rather than place it on the case inside your bag. If you don’t bring its case and just throw your sunglasses in your bag, it’s likely for it to break when in transit. After all, you’re heading to the beach and according to Angela, sunglasses are must-haves! She already found you the best picks and reviews of sunglasses by brand, style and type at her website Sunglass Picks.

3. Check what the resort’s room offers.

If you’ll be staying overnight in a beach resort, check whether the resort already offers basic toiletries, towels, blankets, etc. This allows you to eliminate a few items from your to-bring list. You have to make sure though that the resort offers enough of these items for your group. There might be six of you in the group and the room you’re renting only has towels for 4 and asking for 2 more might incur charges.

4. Do not bring hard-case suitcases.

Bring a tote bag or a backpack. You’re going to the beach and not some posh city outside of the country. A hard case suitcase will take a lot of space in the car and will just be too heavy and bulky to drag along. If you’re bringing a backpack, you can even sit comfortably in the car with the bag on your lap.

5. Just pack what you need.

You’ll be staying for one night. Bring clothes that are enough for one night and no more than that. If by any chance you will be extending another night, you can probably bring one extra shirt and you can just reuse one of your shorts. Nothing bad with that at all. You’ll be in the beach and you’ll be in your swimsuit half of the time anyway.

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