The 4 Most Common Reasons Why People Exercise

Exercising is essential to human life. The advice we would all often hear is that the secret to great health is through proper diet and exercise. Different people have different reasons why they exercise. Not everyone is successful with their fitness plans and those who have failed were probably doing it for the wrong reason. If you are struggling to lose weight or to finally have enough willpower to exercise, then you can take a look at the list below on why people work out. Perhaps, you can change your own reason and that would lead you to achieving your fitness goal.

1. Exercising for Health Purposes

The primary purpose of most people who exercise is for the benefit of their health. It is a given, a fact that’s recognized by many, that exercise is good for one’s health. It doesn’t only make you healthy on the inside, but on the outside as well. With regular exercise, you will feel your body become stronger. You can walk longer, run faster, lift heavier things, climb up stairs with ease, etc. You can simply use an elliptical machine for 30 minutes every single morning because a cross trainer is great for cardio workout and in no time, you will feel (and see) the changes in your body.

2. Exercising to Look Good

ELLIPTICAL MACHINEWorking out and sweating gets rid of bad toxins in the bad body; hence, exercise has great effects on how you physically look. Your skin is smoother and you have a more youthful glow. Your hair is shinier and you even might try a new short haircut because you’re confident enough not to hide behind your long hair anymore. More importantly, exercising will help you lose weight. If you have always been on the heavier side and you want to become fitter or slimmer, exercising is the best way to go. There are no shortcuts. There are diet schemes, pills, teas, etc. that promise to help you lose weight and while these might be effective, to have a firmer and more toned body, you need to exercise.

3. Exercising as a Hobby or Leisure Activity

Exercising is not always about going to the gym or using workout equipment. It can also become a hobby or even a leisure activity. Running or biking allows you to see different things in your surroundings. Rock climbing, swimming, skating, playing sports such as basketball, etc. are very enjoyable things to do as well. If you could turn your hobby into something that will make you swear, then you are hitting two birds in one stone: exercising and enjoying!

4. Exercising to Impress Someone

A lot of those who are working out use other people to motivate or inspire them. This is a good thing actually. Perhaps the guy you’ve secretly admired never took notice of you and you want to look extra great with high hopes of him looking your way. It could also be that your mother has always told you that you are way too overweight and you need to do something about it, then you actually take the challenge. You have to remember though that while other people could serve as your inspiration, the bottom line should always be that you’re doing this for yourself.

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