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We are striving to make sure that older adults are given the right care and respect which can give them the right to learn and grow older for a better quality of life.

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To help ensure that your dream for your old life is fulfilled and you lead a respectful life.

What Is LGBT?

LGBT is the section of the society who has to face the worst end of the life. We want to make sure to give them a better quality of life at least in their old age.


Explore your sexuality without being judged.

Gender Identity
Want to explore your identity, with us you can.
Sexual Orientation
You sexual orientation is your personal exploration guide.
If you have seen the rough end of transphobia we can help.

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This is what our clients have to say about us.
I was very happy that at this stage of my life there are people who are ready to see me as a person keeping aside my sexual orientation.
Richard C. Dedeaux
I was very happy that the society is transitioning into something much more tolerable towards gay and bisexuals.
John M. Weiss

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What are LGBT colors?


Are you planning to create an LGBT wallpaper for a pro-homosexuality and tolerance event? You’ve been looking at the colored flag all your life, but you have no idea what its origin is?

We’ll tell you all about it!

History of the LGBT flag

The rainbow flag has been installed in our society for more than 40 years, but there are still many young people who do not know the true origin of the flag or the reason for its colors.

The first time this flag was used as a symbol of gay pride was in 1978, when Gilbert Baker, a gay artist, and civil rights activist, created it with the help of the Grove Street gay community in San Francisco, as a protest to homophobic acts carried out by an anti-gay organization using the pink triangle that the Nazis used to signal homosexual men.

The first flag was made entirely by hand, stitched and dyed by gay activists, and the eight-color flag began to circulate through all the acts that this community performed.

Such was its success that in 1979 it officially became the symbol of gay pride and began to be hung by the windows of houses, cars, T-shirts, pamphlets, and all over the country where the community was still growing and being heard.

Meaning of the colors of the flag

The rainbow flag always draws attention to where it goes by its beautiful colors, but you know exactly what they mean?


The color red is associated with life, and the freedom to choose how to live it.


The color orange means healing. This bright and positive color is very important for this community, as, for years, they were persecuted by radical groups that end their lives or put in jail to torture them.


Yellow symbolizes the sunlight. It represents hope and the good side of things.


Green, like many other flags, symbolizes nature.


The blue was introduced when the flag changed from eight colors to six, representing serenity and calm.


Purple is the last color of all; it is the last stripe at the bottom of the flag and represents the spirit. For this community, this color is the most important because it represents the freedom of the soul to be and to love who freely, regardless of sex or race.

Now you know a little more about this beautiful flag full of symbolism and history. When you set out to create your LGBT wallpaper, remember the meaning of all these colors and their importance, and the result will be just as beautiful!

What You Need To Know About The LGBTQ Rights


What is LGBTQ

LGBTQ are the initials of a worldwide community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Queer(anyone who isn’t yet sure about their sexual orientation) and LGBTQ rights are the rights that impinge on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population of the country. There are still many countries remaining to legalize and formally accept the LGBTQ culture let alone their rights. Different variations of the LGBTQ acronym are present. It acts as an umbrella for all choices regarding sexuality and gender identity crisis.

LGBTQ Rights

Worldwide acceptance

Depending on the country and its governing body, there are extreme differences in the LGBTQ rights among countries.  When in one country, same sex marriages are being legalized on contrary to that in some other countries death penalty is the highest form of punishment for such matters.  The entire ideology behind this community’s being is to enforce equal rights for the LGBTQ people and ensure no one is bullied or denied or discriminated because of his or her sexual orientation.  It definitely was a long and tedious struggle to get where we are today in this case. The Danish were the first to grant legal union of same sex people through marriage followed by 28 other countries as of 2018 in which America, Australia, most of Europe, India etc are prominent ones. The LGBTQ community started off as a minority community without any acceptance at all because the entire concept is hard to fathom in the societal point of view. But with years of trauma and hidden battles fought, we have reached here today where any human is accepted unbiased of his/her sexual orientation.

As a form of tribute and respect to all the LGBTQ people, every year the month of June is celebrated as the pride month in America.

Every year, 11thOctober known as the National Coming-Out day is dedicated to raise awareness of the civil rights for the LGBT community and celebrated worldwide. This day will help create an environment where people can live openly and honestly without hiding from the society.

The rainbow coloured flag with the 6 shades is the national LGBT flag.


Scope of LGBTQ rights

There are varied laws covering different regions of the world when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Therefore the global scope of LGBTQ rights are concerning with the following:

  • The rights concerning the realization and acceptance of same sex marriage, same sex relationships, civil unions etc.
  • Right to LGBT parenting where it covers adoption by LGBT couples.
  • Right to anti-discrimination in employment, housing, education and public accommodation.
  • Right to LGBT accepted military service.
  • Age of consent law has a slightly higher bar than the normal one in the case of LGBT.
  • Sodomy laws disciplining consensual same sex sexual activity.
  • Anti bully legislation to safeguard children in schools.
  • Hate crime laws for eradicating any sort of violent activity towards the LGBT community.
  • Laws implementing the legal recognition and reassignment of gender.

Things you can do for Transgender Equality


Transgender is a category of people whose gender identity differs from their assigned sex. Even after being widely accepted by most of the countries formally, there are still many crimes and problems faced by the transgender people in their day to day lives. Gender discrimination, societal back lash, inequality among transgender(s) and hate crime are being continuously reported. Transgender equality is a concerning and globally rising issue of the LGBT community. Since all lesbian, gay and transgender activities come under this community’s workings; the equality among transgender people is also being enforced by the whole of them. Transgender(s) are independent of sexual orientation. They might be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or pansexual. Even they don’t know.

Transgender Equality

As responsible citizens of the country, it is necessary that we support and ensure equality for our fellow transgender brothers and sisters. Some of the few things we can do to show our support and promote transgender quality is as follows:

  • Become a part of social support groups and campaigns that promote awareness for transgender equality.
  • Read and continue educating yourself of the latest laws implemented for anti gender discrimination.
  • Speak about transgender equality openly in places with an accepting yet uneducated audience.
  • Volunteer to get an opportunity to support and be with a transgender or a group.
  • If you have a transgender friend, take him/her to places that require his/her presence.
  • Start or attend a transgender support group yourself in your neighbourhood.
  • Educate others of what exactly transgender is as many out there have misinterpreted the entire concept.
  • Ensure that the places you visit are transgender friendly. If not, try and motivate people to at least understand if not accept because it is not necessary for everyone to be accepting of this change.
  • Submit an article on Transgender equality and its increasing need in the local newspaper.
  • Keep educating people, friends and family around you about transgender and its importance to achieve equality.
  • In order to show your support, take a Trans person or a group of trans people for lunch or any other entertainment activity that’d make them feel normal and connected again.
  • Fund scholarships for kids of Trans-couples.
  • Conduct programs for youth that educate and motivate them to follow and support transgender community worldwide.
  • Ensure that your workplace has a non-discrimination policy towards everyone irrespective of gender identity.
  • Attend a drag community event. It can be an enriching and supportive experience.
  • Know your rights as a citizen of the country even if transgender or not.
  • Collect and share stories of transgender issues and events around the world with neighbours and friends.
  • Promote transgender friends in workplaces, housings, public accommodations etc.
  • Motivate your close transgender friends to go for what they want. Aim higher. Support them in all their endeavours.